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Margherita Potenza


"My worst fault, or maybe my best quality, is to always have my foot in both camps. I am a designer, but also a writer. I'm Italian but also French. I live in Amsterdam, London and Milan at the same time. The only constant in my life is the love for creativity."

I am a maker with an interest in site-specific works and body-related objects.

I come from an applied arts background and graduated from the Jewellery & Metal department at Royal College of Art, London. My practice spans from jewellery making to product design, art installations and freelance writing. My recent projects include the participation to Stichting Françoise van den Bosch's 2017 AiR programme, the launch of a bespoken jewellery collection, and a series of interviews to artists, makers and designers in collaboration with photographer Daniele de Carolis.

If would like to view my full portfolio or wish to get in touch for any other query, please contact me at

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