Il Metodo Salgari a Milano

Found wood, found chair, paint, rope, air freshener, leather belt, wheels




Emilio Salgari was an Italian writer from the 19th century who gained his fame with novels of exotic adventures, but in real life never left northern Italy.

The Salgari Method, as stated by the curators Nina Fiocco, Andrea Balestrero and Rojelio Sanchez, consists in reproducing a virtual memory mediated by secondary accounts rather than by experience.

The participants to this project first engaged with the urban context of Piazza Salgari, a popular square in Milan, and then brought the material gathered on the field to a new level of imaginary narration.

The project culminated with a perfomance during which the pieces could be activated: mine was a traveling device that could mark its itinerary by puffing sprays of cheap air freshener along the way.


Photography: Alice Pedroletti