Body as Territory


Various materials




Body as Territory / Jewellery as Map is the project that I carried out during my residency at Stichting Françoise van den Bosch.


Its aim was to develop a research on the subject of body perception, looking in particular at the separation between the abstract projection of the body and the sensible experience of it. My intention was to investigate this duality within my own perception of the body, in order to come to an understanding that could integrate both these aspects. The idea of mapping the body came with the understanding of it as a complex system, a territory still uncharted under many angles. Knowing this, maybe if we approached the body with a different mindset we could discover new, hidden aspects. After exploring different point of view on the subject, body energy became the focus of my work. This concept appeared to be the common denominator between the different realms of a human being: the physical, the emotional and the mental one. By the end of the residency this research was translated into the making of a wearable object that maps the different layers that form the perception of our human body.