Body Cartography


copper, body glue, lycra fabric



Body Cartography is a collection of body jewellery that is worn directly to the skin. The idea behind this project was to draw a map of the vital energy that crosses our body, whether sourced from the outside or produced by ourselves.  This power we have, make, gain or loose plays a crucial role in defining who we are as it is the common denominator between our physical, emotional and mental selves. Therefore Body Cartography pieces are meant to chart the passage of energy through the body and to enhance its inflow by means of its material, copper. Copper is well-known for its conductive qualities as well as for being an essential element for all forms of life. By placing these copper plates on the body parts where energy is believed to flow in, the pieces will fuel the wearer's vitality and work as a catalyst for strength and self-awareness, in a time where the pace of our lives pushes us closer and closer to breaking down.