Fluida collection


Sterling silver, 18ct gold-plated sterling silver, rhinestones




The inspiration for the collection Fluida comes from a research on the properties of wax. Fascinated with its texture and its material characteristics, I experimented with different types of wax and moulding techniques. The outcome is an edition of jewellery that brings together the softness and fluid shapes of wax with the firmness and sparkle of precious metal. 

Fluida is based on the concept of a 'bespoken collection', where seriality coexists with uniqueness. The pieces can be produced in multiples and follow standard jewellery sizes, but each ring, brooch, necklace is manufactured as a one-off and no identical copies are made.

Fluida was officially launched at the trade show New Designers - One Year On 2017, which took place at the Design Business Centre in Islington, London.


Photography & art direction: Daniele de Carolis