Zuwang - Sitting Forgetting


etched brass, brass, gauze, ink, cotton cord




Zouwang is a piece conceived as part of the show Che cosa sono gli oggetti?, an exhibition organized by PREliminary Group collective.

Zouwang is thought as an autonomous space, extracted from the rest of its environment, where to gather in a moment of rest and be released from the external context. The mental conditions required to practice this introspective exercise are represented in the elements that form the piece: the horizontal position –meant as an expression of bodily activity rather than passivity- is the subject painted on the tent’s canvas; the repetitiveness of a movements sequence as a ritual to empty the mind is reproduced in the etching plates that hold the fabric. As well, the installation’s title is inspired by a type of Chinese meditation which name means ‘sitting forgetting’.

This practice of introspection aims at recovering the perception of presence, so to shift our perspective on reality, enabling us to discover in each one the creative abilities to act and be present in the world.